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(I.E. 2007 BMW 325i)

Window Tinting

If you are thinking about tinting the widows of your car, then you will be able to choose from several several ones as there are different levels and materials to choose from. The different levels of window tinting will really depend on just how dark you shall want any tinting on the windows of the car to be and also just how much you will be willing to spend as well.

Signs & Graphics

Orlando Sign ShopCustom signs & car graphics are available for any vehicle. Our shop has been serving the Orlando & areas of Central Florida for 10+ years. AutoXtras has experienced individuals on-site to help in designing any custom graphics neccessary to make your vehicle look good. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online!

Window Tint FAQ

WHAT CAN I EXPECT THE TINT TO LOOK LIKE RIGHT AFTER INSTALLATION? Once window film has been installed, it’s very common to see a slight haziness and/or small water pockets or bubbles. This is a normal part of the adhesive bonding process called "curing". Depending on the film type and weather conditions, it may take up to 30 days for the film to be fully cured. The curing process is slow because the remaining water used in installation must evaporate through the film.